Hey Everybody!


Well, it's been a while and what a couple of years it's been! I hope you and yours have been and continue to be safe and healthy since I last posted here at steveaugeri.com.

I won't dwell on the obvious or too much on the past but, it looks as if this time things may really be turning around Pandemic wise and we may finally be getting out from under it's spell and all the hardships that come along with it. Still I beg you stay vigilant and your eye on the prize. 

When things started to unravel and the country and shows started to shut down around us, I instinctively went from performing mode to creative mode. As if a magical spigot turned on within me that had slowed to a trickle or at least seemed to have for quite some time.

With that, I'm glad to announce that as of today, we are putting the final touches of  the last two songs on an album who's current running title is called "Seven Ways 'Til Sunday", with the first single slated for a Valentines Day release.

Just a little on the collection and selection of songs. Since this my very first full album, I've reached as far back as with my Journey days with a couple of co-writes with both Neal and Jon. Two different styles yet both as quality as anything you might expect from the likes of those gentlemen and their talents.

And then there are songs inspired as resently as during the seige we've endured with all the emotions and urgency one might expect from a standpoint of both possible extinction and salvation. 

In addition to a handful of solo compositions, I think I'm most proud of the writing team that developed between SAB members Craig Pullman, Adam Holland and myself. I mention them in this particular order because it was in this order that the original seed was planted, then cultivated, then past on to me for the final stage more times than not. 

I'm curious how you folks will eventually respond to our new music. But, I can say with out hesitation and any shadow of a doubt that these songs were written with no pretext or formula to repeat. I purposely chose to let the music steer itself where it naturally needed to go, for better or worse. It's an assortment of different styles yet you will sense a common thread joining them all together. These were always my most cherished and favorite records growing up and I wanted to offer a variety that hopefully will hold your interest from beginning to the final track. Let the pieces fall where they may and the critics critique as well. I personally think your gonna love it!

Well, that's as much wind I have in my sails for tonight. Thanks for obliging me.

Please stay tuned for February 14th's release of "IF YOU WANT" featuring an extremely talented guest. 

More about that later!

'Til We Meet Again my Friends,

-Steve Augeri & Co.


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