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Hey Everybody!

Here's all the Steve Augeri News that's fit to print...


Well, that day has finally come and I'm proud to announce my first official full length solo album
released December 24th just in time for the holidays.  
Eleven songs, two of which were written with my old Journey bandmates respectively, tunesmiths Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain. 
Other collaborators were SAB members and former Valentine musicians Adam Holland, Craig Pullman and Mike Morales as well as
lyricists Susan Piazza and long time co-writer of mine Tom DeRossi.

It's been initially released digitally only, but CDs and perhaps a limited run of vinyl will soon be available
early 2023 at Steve Augeri Band shows.

We'll also have some great new tee shirts and merchandise designs to celebrate the new music.
I'm so excited to finally share these new songs with you all and would love to get your honest feedback.
Don't be shy and don't pull any punches. I love to talk shop and especially with the people who's opinions I value most.

I couldn't do this alone. I had some extremely talented musicians and friends help me with the process.
​ I'd like share the creative experience with you all and introduce you to them as well as some insight into the songs and the recording process. I'll keep you all posted as this content becomes available from day to day.
Thanks for your patience and I hope you all connect with a favorite song or two.

That would have been enough to get me exited for this holiday season, but then came the invitation to join my good friend and the hardest working man in show business, none other than Poison's very own Bret Micheals on his Parti-Gras 2023 Tour 2023 this summer! Along with another exceptional entertainer and overall human being, Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath. Pinch me! And... another couple of buds of mine Jack Blades and Kelly Keagy and their mighty band Night Ranger. Wait, I'm not finished, and last but not least Jefferson Starship fronted by the amazing voice of Kathy Richardson. ( Be sure to get you Pre-Sale tix on sale Wednesday Dec. 7th and be sure to use Code SA2023 )

I also want to thank the gentlemen in the Steve Augeri Band, members Adam Holland, Craig Pullman, Gerard Zappa, Adam Augeri and our 5th Beatle and Sound Engineer Steve Leopard for a great year of criss crossing the globe and to all our amazing fans who came out to celebrate music, life and each other!
You all are the BEST!

That's it for now kids, please enjoy SEVEN WAY 'TIL SUNDAY and thanks for your love and patience.
Who says dreams don't come true?

Now let's spread Joy and Love this time of year. Bundle up, stay warm and we'll talk soon!

Your pal,
Stevie A.

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