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With Adam Holland

Band Forever is a podcast where I (Adam Holland) talk to working musicians, the lifers, the unsung heroes of the music business.  We all know the big names and have heard their stories, Here we talk to the other guys and learn about them. My name is Adam Holland. I have been in the music business my whole life with multiple major label recording contracts, publishing deals and world tours. I have gotten to meet so many incredible musicians and I hear so many stories of their lives and their incredible journeys through the music business. I want to share those with you, here on Band Forever.

Demos From the Attic

High quality unreleased demos recorded in 1991, just after touring had finished for the band's debut album. w/ Vocalist Hugo Valenti


Bad Penny features an all-star lineup of musicians including guest vocalists ROB HALFORD of Judas Priest (above), MILITIA VOX, former Journey frontman STEVE AUGERI, and Queensryche lead vocalist TODD LATORRE. The band includes former Queen + Paul Rodgers touring bassist Danny Miranda, Blue Oyster Cult drummer Jules Radino, and guitarist/songwriter Mike Holtzman. Produced by Tony Bruno (Rihanna, Danger Danger).

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